Meadowbrook High School Campus

School Information

The mission of Meadowbrook High is to inspire our students, celebrate our diverse community, and become contributing, self-sufficient, ethical members of a global society who embrace life-long learning and pursue excellence in all aspects of their work and lives.

Meadowbrook High School is located off Route 10 on Cogbill Road. Meadowbrook High School opened its doors for the first time to students in September 1963. Everything in the building was brand new, and it was beautiful. When Meadowbrook was built, half of the students came from the Manchester district, and the other half represented students that would have attended Thomas Dale High School.

As a student body, the students chose the colors navy blue and gold to represent the school. Manchester High School’s mascot is the Lancers and Thomas Dale High School’s mascot is the knights, but Meadowbrook High chose the mighty Monarch as it made the students feel strong. In an effort to stand out among the schools, the roar of the lion was used as the mascot for pep rallies and sporting events. The most recent renovation of Meadowbrook was completed in 2001.

Established: 1963
School Colors: Navy Blue & Old Gold
Mascot: Monarch

Meadowbrook Alma Mater

Standing proudly there before us
With your glory all around
The Navy and Old Gold sent forth
Shall fill us with a love abound.
Oh, Meadowbrook, we long to praise
Your truth and glory in all its ways.
May it linger in life’s hall of fame.